Our B&B is easy to reach, it has a good bus service, and very close to the historic city center; 10 minutes by foot you are in Piazza San Marco, and at the Accademia Museum (David of Michelangelo)
We are at your disposal to book your visit for this and for the others museums, Uffizi, Pitti, etc.
Piazza del Duomo is also near, by foot, but if you prefer there are some buses very close to the B&B; you'll be in the center in few moments. Take the bus n. 11 - 17 from Via Frà Bartolomeo, to Piazza San Marco and Train Station Santa Maria Novella; or the new mini bus "bussino" C 1 from via Cavour, to Duomo or Uffizi and Palazzo Vecchio.
How to reach our B&B:
If you arrive in Florence by car:

Coming from the south on highway A1 (Autostrada A1): to go out at way out ("uscita") "Firenze Sud", and after the tollbooth go straight ahead direction Firenze; after about 2.5 miles of highway junction (pay attention to speed limit as Florence streets are full of speed traps, in italian "autovelox") you arrive at a traffic-light, after a bridge. Take the left toward "centro", "viali di circonvallazione", after about 2 miles straight ahead there is a traffic-light, the street turns to right and you are in the "Viali", the Boulevards. Go straight ahead all long the Boulevards, till Piazza della Libertà (about 1.5 miles more), when you are there take Viale Don Minzoni, the first on the right is Via Leonardo da Vinci.
Very close to our B&B there are two underground garages, 24 hours opens.
And here, some simples slides: about our B&B, our morning breakfast (included in the rooms' price) and about Tuscany dinner (on demand), with dishes like crostini di fegatini (liver small crust), zuppa di pane (bread soup), pappardelle al sugo di coniglio (pappardelle with rabbit sauce), coniglio arrosto morto (roast "dead" rabbit)... Just exactly as tuscan cook tradition!!
If you arrive in Florence by train, you can take a bus; bus tickets are available inside the station hall, at newspapers kiosks or "tabacchi" kiosks (signaled by a big "T"). You have to stamp tickets inside the bus, at the ticket machine.

From Santa Maria Novella rail Station (main station), also known as Florence SMN or Firenze SMN there are several buses to reach our bed and breakfast; best idea is to get bus number 17 which runs frequently and it's easy to find as it's just outside the station. So get out the station from the left side, just near the "Farmacia" (Pharmacy), at the left end of the main station hall. Immediately outside the station, turn left just along the wall of the outside part of the station; and walk unless you find "STAZIONE VALFONDA" bus stop.

Get bus number 17, direction "VIALE VERGA" as you see in the photos.

To reach our B & B you get off the bus at "Via Frà Bartolomeo" bus stop, which it's after the traffic light you see in photo below, at the cross with large Florence boulevard Viale Matteotti; bus crosses the boulevard and after it will stop just where the small red circle is.
From Via Frà Bartolomeo, walk the same bus direction; after some meters you find on the right Via Leonardo da Vinci, the bed and breakfast is at number 13.
If you prefer walking, here is a walking option from the SMN station to our bed and breakfast; it's 1.3 miles, going through the center. Getting off the station from the same hall's left side, cross the street and turn on the right; at the corner turn left to Via Nazionale, after some blocks, turn right on Via Guelfa; when you arrive in Piazza delle Belle Arti, turn left on via Ricasoli, then continue straight ahead, cross Viale Matteotti, take still straight ahead in via Frà Bartolomeo and turn the second street on the right, which is via Leonardo da Vinci.
Coming from the north on both A1 or A11 highway: to go out at way out "Firenze Nord", and after the tollbooth there is still about 2.5 miles of highway junction (pay attention to speed limit as Florence streets are full of speed traps, in italian "autovelox"), you continue straight ahead following signs "viali circonvallazione", "centro città".

You will soon enter the large and long (1.5 miles) Viale Alessandro Guidoni, where you follow always straight ahead the direction "centro"; near viale Guidoni's end there's a fork, take the right following signs "centro", "stadio".
From there, follow signs "centro" "viali circonvallazione" and after some 2 miles signs "stadio" "Fiesole" will appear; follow them, and after some 2 other miles you are in Piazza della Libertà, which you recognize from a triumphal arch and the arcades; after Piazza della Libertà, the first street on the right is Via Leonardo da Vinci.
This is the way from the end of Highway junction (here seen as A11)
At the 2.5 miles junction end, coming from A1 or A11 highway, you'll find this signs; the junction becomes without interruption a large city boulevard, and you'll have to follow sign to "viali di circonvallazione", "centro città".
Frà Bartolomeo bus stop, in Via Frà Bartolomeo, is 1.3 miles far from the train station. Here it is at present bus 17 way from SMN Novella Station to via Frà Bartolomeo. Press the button inside the bus to reserve the stop, when you see the bus approaching the big trees of Boulevard Matteotti (Viale Matteotti) and the traffic light in the photo above; this you need to do only if no other passengers have already reserved the stop (otherwise the bus will not stop, if no one asks to stop, pressing the button).
Via Frà Bartolomeo bus stop is on the right of the photo, just where this bus is.
From our Bed and Breakfast to Piazza Duomo, it's a good idea to take bus "C1"; get in at "Sant'Anna" stop in Via Cavour, just near Piazza della Libertà and Via Leonardo da Vinci:
This electronic stop shows its name "Stazione Valfonda" and the time you have to wait for the busses; for the number 17, direction "Viale Verga",which is the correct bus to take to get to our bed and breakfast, you have in this moment to wait 4 minutes. Bus number 17 runs frequently, till late in the evening.